How to improve your communication with anyone – by interpreting their eye movement

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You can’t think without your eyes moving. Some might already know that someone’s eye movement is connected to their internal thinking process. But do you know how to read it?

Everybody has his/her own way of thinking and processing information. This can be either visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Knowing how someone thinks makes it easier to communicate with them in a more understandable way for the other person.

The System:
If you look at a person’s face, this is likely to be their eye movement pattern.

There are three different levels:

While these three levels are the same for every person, the directions might not apply for everyone in the same way.

If the person you are talking to is right-handed, he is likely to have the eye pattern shown above.

How to find out how someone thinks

Since each level and direction stand for a specific way of thinking, you can get to know a person’s eye pattern by asking questions like the following:

By asking those questions, you can get a feeling for the person’s thinking process.

How the system improves the communication

Having figured out a person’s eye pattern, you can find out about how he/she prefers to process information.

They either prefer to….

By asking them: “What is the most important thing to you right now?” and observing the other person’s eye movement, you can “see” their preferred thinking process and communicate equally.


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