5 ways to be more charismatic

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Charismatic people are more likeable, successful and seem to be more confident. While some are naturally born with a backpack full of charisma, others can learn to improve their charisma by one of the following steps:

1. Show your imperfections

People who are the most charismatic are not afraid to show their imperfections. Instead of trying to impress others by what they have already achieved, they don’t hesitate to communicate embarrassing situations. This way, people can actually identify with who they are, since they have weaknesses too.

2. Stop gossiping; give compliments

You can gain a lot of charisma by giving compliments to others. If you just gossip about others, people won’t consider you as being charismatic. Instead, they will start connecting these negative attributs you were gossiping about to you too.

3. Maintain eye contact

This tip is especially useful in one-on-one conversations. While talking to another person, stop looking at your phone or watching other people. Instead, maintain long eye contact, so you can identify the eye color of the person you are talking to.

4. Language: Find ways for others to personally relate

While talking to someone, describe things so that others can relate. Use metaphors to support what you are talking about.

Let’s assume you are talking about your job. Instead of describing every detail, you could compare your job to the job of someone famous/commonly known.

“I work as a doctor. I mean I don’t have to deal with cases as difficult as doctor house has to. My cases are more likely to resemble the ones at Grey’s Anatomy.”

5. Involve everyone of the group

In group conversations, you can improve your charisma by involving everyone of the group. Don’t just listen to the most “likeable” person but to everyone. When you talk, maintain eye contact with everyone. This way, you make sure that everyone feels like you are talking to them too.


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