How to detect the seven universal microexpressions

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Microexpressions are quick involuntary facial expressions in response to internal emotions. We can’t help but show them when we are…


Typical for this microexpression is a mouth pressed into a hard line. Furthermore, the eyebrows are down and there are vertical lines in between the forehead.


A fearful person’s face has it’s lips pulled back while the eyebrows are raised up. You can even see the upper whites of the eyes.


The lips are being pulled together and the muscles on the side of the eye are engaged. That’s when you know a person is genuinly happy.


This microexpression is easy to describe. Contempt can be recognized when one side of the mouth is being raised.


A mouth dropped down loose and eyebrows up are signs for a surprised face. The difference between fear and surprise can be observed by the eyebrows: When someone is surprised, the eyebrows are rounded. In contrast, a fearful person has more angulared eyebrows.


Sadness is the hardest emotion to fake. Sad people pull their lips down. Only a few people can do that on purpose.


With disgust, cripples under the nose appear and the upper lip raises. People don’t only have to be disgusted by food. You can also disgust another person.


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