How to communicate more effectively – 5 tips for you

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Effective communication is more than just using the “right words”. It starts with how you walk into the room, what you want to achieve, how you feel, who you are talking to,… The list goes on.

Here are five tips how to communicate what you have to say in a more effective way:

Your attitude

Before starting to talk to someone, take a deep breath and check your attitude. If you always want to be right, the conversation will be a lot more difficult. There is a beautiful saying, summarizing a healthy attitude: “I do not choose to be right, I choose to be happy.” Emotions are important and so are arguments. Find a good balance between both of them. Your emotions are not the truth, neither are your arguments. Indeed, there is no truth – there is just your and the other persons opinion.

Your intention

We often think about what we want to say and how to find the right words. This is important, but so is your intention. What is the result you want to achieve by using all of these words? How do you want to feel in the end? And maybe even more worth considering: How do you want the other person to feel? What is your purpose of having this conversation?

By having the end of the conversation already in mind, you can keep track a lot easier.

Your time

Communication is bades on an interaction between two people. Consequently, you have to pay attention to what the other person is saying. Listening carefully is an incredible valuable communication skill. Even when the other person has finished talking, pause and wait if he or she has something to add. You will have more deep and resourceful conversations, if you stop interrupting the other person. When it is your turn to speak, take your time to think and talk. There is no hurry in communication!

Your counterpart

We tend to be stuck in our own world. What should I do? What if the other person doesn´t get my point of view? This is like looking only to one side before crossing the street: It might work, but it is dangerous. To better understand the other persons opinion, imagine getting your mind into the other persons body. How do they feel? Did they have a busy day and are stressed? Or rather calm and interested? How can the other person benefit from this conversation? What is good for them?

Your own values

Similar to that, your conversation will profit a lot, if you get clear about how you want to be treated. What is important to you? Do you want to be treated with respect or do you prefer to have a completely honest conversation – even if someones feelings might get hurt.

Sharing with them your language of love might be another point worth considering. Know how you want the other person to act and tell them. They probably can´t read your thoughts – especially if you don´t know them yourself.


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